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Scott Oakes is finished. For: He's been injured for most of his career; he's out until at least next season.  Against: He could return next season. *****

Hearn will merge Orient and Barnet and rename the club 'London United'.

For: From a very good source at the Club.   O's have offered Barnet a groundshare if they get promoted.  Barnet's ground is on a prime housing location.  Hearn likes to push O's as a London club.  Against: Would Hearn risk antagonising everyone again?


Supporters' Club will be relocated to new West Stand

For: John Goldsmith says club have promised a new  location "for a while".  Against: They said the same about the South Stand; supporters are always last on the list because they give the club money whatever happens.


Has Basil Brush's barber, or Basil Brush's barber's brother's baker, or anyone else, told you some juicy gossip?  Let us know and we'll rank it in the rumour pile.